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Degrees and financial support

The University of Mississippi Department of Music offers both Masters of Music with an emphasis in Music Education, and a PhD in Music with an emphasis in Music Education.

The Master of Music in Music Education is an advanced professional degree designed to develop a particular area in music to a high level of specialization. The program leading to the Ph.D. in music with emphasis in music education is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced study in preparation for university teaching, research, and other leadership roles in music education. The program is individualized to fit each student’s interest and background and includes a 9-credit elective area in music or music education.

In addition to vibrant coursework and research opportunities, the department offers financial support to graduate students through scholarships and graduate assistantships. Graduate assistantships allow students to work even more closely with faculty on research, ensemble directing, instruction, and outreach. They give students a chance to step into leadership roles and gain experience that will be critical to career readiness.

Generally, assistantships pay $5,400 per nine-month school year, waive the out-of-state tuition portion, and waive 75% of the in-state tuition portion. Assistantship assignments are based on your interests and strengths and the needs of the department. You must apply for an assistantship to be considered.

To apply for an assistantship:

  1. Download and complete the application form: UM Music Graduate Assistantship Application form
  2. Email the completed application and three letters of recommendation to Rhonda Hackworth.
  3. Applications submitted by April 1st will receive priority consideration. After April 1st, assistantships will be awarded only if positions are still available.